Thanks for the awesome classes Jeannine! I am learning a lot and they really help me. :-)
Have a wonderful summer!
— Terri M., May 13, 2019
Thank you so much for your caring yoga. I am grateful I found you and your classes.
— Karen H., Jan 22, 2019
As we enter your welcoming studio, we are greeted by a lovely Buddha picture and the quote, “If anything is worth doing, do it with all your heart.” You definitely teach with all your heart, soul and extensive knowledge. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for the gifts of peace, acceptance and increased flexibility that you so kindly and thoughtfully share each week.
— Debbie S. and Tricia L., Dec 2018
Hi Jeannine,

I just wanted to thank you. The Sound Bath Savasana was incredible! It took me awhile to let go of the tension but I certainly felt it when I did and have not felt this centered and deep relaxation in a long time. My first experience was better than I could have imagined and am looking forward to November’s session. Thank you.
— Patricia T., Sept 24, 2016
I would highly recommend Studio 71 to everyone! Jeannine is a very welcoming, warm and professional instructor who leads her classes so that beginner to advanced participants feel welcome and focused and can participate and experience all the health and healing aspects of yoga and exercise! She makes us see and feel the connection of mind, body and spirit and I felt renewed and energized after each session! Thanks Jeannine! It was a real pleasure! Best wishes to you always!
— Angie M., Aug 26, 2016
I will not be there this Saturday and starting the first week of June we are away most weekends camping. I wasn’t sure if this was for me but I really enjoyed the classes. I found it really helped me relax. I find myself using some of the poses or breathing exercises when I need to stretch or just simply relax. I will be back doing yoga in the fall.

Thanks again. It was a pleasure. Have a great summer!
— Nicole R., May 26, 2016
Jeannine is a top notch yoga instructor!
— Carole, Yoga Trail, May 27, 2015
Studio 71 is great. This is a great venue. The instructor is knowledgeable, calm, and attentive to every participant’s needs. I highly recommend Studio 71.
— Gisele, Yoga Trail, May 20, 2015
My kind of class! Gives very detailed instructions. This is very much appreciated. Atmosphere is warm and inviting. Instructor is a caring person who seems to love yoga and sharing her knowledge. Adapts the class to the needs of her students.
— Christiane, Yoga Trail, May 20, 2015
Great yoga. Fabulous intimate yoga studio.
— Jill, Yoga Trail, May 19, 2015
My experience with Jeannine from Studio 71. Excellent classes! Friendly, welcoming atmosphere. Very respectful of other classes going on in the same facility (meditation @ Aromansse). Clean, uncluttered room. Good temperature. Clear easy to follow instruction. Jeannine was born to help people connect their body, mind and spirit. Yoga is not for sissies! It is a real workout and Jeannine helps everyone get the most out of it. Great way to start a Saturday morning. I come out of class feeling energized and positive.
— Madbar, Yoga Trail, May 17, 2015