Journeys: Sound Bath & Other

Has your life turned into one long to-do list? As you tick off one task do you move straight on to the next? Does this cycle seem never ending? This is how I’ve been feeling lately. A bit overwhelmed and somewhat untethered. My discursive mind wandering and searching.

As the harvest time of the year is drawing to a close, signs of winter are already upon us in early October! Some of us are saddened by the eventuality of the Yin cycle, the cold, dark side of the year. For some of us the change of seasons, especially the recent Thanksgiving activities of cultivating gratitude for the myriad abundance that surrounds us, heralds a sense of humility and self-inquiry. This has prompted me to deeply pause and reflect, not only on my immense personal abundance, the fact that I breathe in and breathe out every day, among other things, but also on what I have achieved this year, what I have sown and harvested. This of course has brought about another prickly question: Has my metaphorical “plate” perhaps become too full?

It’s always good to assess and reassess. This deep inquiry has led to a decision to scale back on some of my yoga offerings, in particular the Savasana Sound Baths which will no longer be available for the foreseeable future. I’m honoured to have collaborated with Todd Koga, gong musician, over the past two-and-a-half years during these events. And I’m grateful to each and every one of you that has attended. The time has come, however, for me to shift gears just a little bit.

On a go-forward basis, only the “private” Relax and Renew® Sound Bath Journeys will be available ( I’ll be focusing more of my attention on workshops to help you deepen your yoga and meditation practice! And of course I’ll keep you posted so stayed tuned…