Karma Yoga - July 24, 2019

Join me for Karma Yoga

Karma yoga is a form of selfless service (seva in Sanskrit) often defined as the yoga of action. Karma yoga classes are sometimes offered to raise funds for a specific charity or a meaningful cause. If you have that inner tug to help others and make a difference, attending a karma yoga class is one way of assisting you in meeting this goal.

Karma classes at Studio 71 Yoga are donation based. Proceeds for this class will go to The Stephen Lewis Foundation Grandmothers Campaign . Give what you can! Everyone is welcome!

When: Wednesday, July 24, 2019 @ 2:00-3:00 pm

Where: Studio 71 Yoga, 71 Promenade des Intrepides

Register: Complete and submit the form below or contact studio71yoga@gmail.com

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Summer is almost here! Plans for Fall 2019!

It’s mid May and the sun is shining! For many of you, plans are underway for weekend and extended cottage and urban getaways, to enjoy activities such as camping, fishing, hiking, sightseeing, cottage life, road travel, and more. Or maybe this is a good year for a “staycation” at home, enjoying happy-hour and backyard barbecues in the company of friends and family. Maybe you’ll get to read that novel that’s been on your nightstand for so long!

I too am taking a break for the summer. I look forward to seeing you in the fall. Class are already filling up so register early if you’re planning to join us on the mat.

Whatever your plans are I wish you a wonderful time, with restful moments balancing out the high energy activities. Remember to include yoga in your day or week when you can, and acknowledge the goodness and preciousness of each day!

Winter 2019 Yoga Begins This Week!

Happy New Year!

The holiday season was very busy and hectic but lots of fun with family and friends. Although I enjoyed the season of giving, I’m happy to say that all the Christmas decorations have been put away and I’m ready to begin sharing yoga once again with you.

Classes resume this Saturday, January 5, 2019.

If you haven’t already registered there’s still time and there’s still room in most of the classes!


Pre-holiday Yoga - Gentle Flow & Restore

Press pause and join me for a nourishing and restful afternoon of pranayama, gentle flow yoga, and restorative yoga. Allow yourself the indulgence of this lovely 2-hour practice that will leave you feeling grounded and deeply relaxed as you reset and restore body, mind and spirit. Give yourself this gift. Slow down and just be.

For more information see “Events & Workshops”: www.studio71yoga.com/new-events/

Winter & Spring 2019 Classes

It’s a blustery grey day and snow will soon be on the ground to stay, likely in the next week or so.

Some of you are already turning your attention to winter getaways and extended travel plans. Many of you are also planning to keep up with regular yoga classes, making a commitment to your physical, spiritual and emotional well-being a priority.

With this in mind, I’ve posted my upcoming Winter & Spring 2019 yoga class schedule.

I’ll also be offering a few specialty classes and workshops. Details will soon follow…

Live today in a good way!


Journeys: Sound Bath & Other

Has your life turned into one long to-do list? As you tick off one task do you move straight on to the next? Does this cycle seem never ending? This is how I’ve been feeling lately. A bit overwhelmed and somewhat untethered. My discursive mind wandering and searching.

As the harvest time of the year is drawing to a close, signs of winter are already upon us in early October! Some of us are saddened by the eventuality of the Yin cycle, the cold, dark side of the year. For some of us the change of seasons, especially the recent Thanksgiving activities of cultivating gratitude for the myriad abundance that surrounds us, heralds a sense of humility and self-inquiry. This has prompted me to deeply pause and reflect, not only on my immense personal abundance, the fact that I breathe in and breathe out every day, among other things, but also on what I have achieved this year, what I have sown and harvested. This of course has brought about another prickly question: Has my metaphorical “plate” perhaps become too full?

It’s always good to assess and reassess. This deep inquiry has led to a decision to scale back on some of my yoga offerings, in particular the Savasana Sound Baths which will no longer be available for the foreseeable future. I’m honoured to have collaborated with Todd Koga, gong musician, over the past two-and-a-half years during these events. And I’m grateful to each and every one of you that has attended. The time has come, however, for me to shift gears just a little bit.

On a go-forward basis, only the “private” Relax and Renew® Sound Bath Journeys will be available (https://www.studio71yoga.com/new-page/). I’ll be focusing more of my attention on workshops to help you deepen your yoga and meditation practice! And of course I’ll keep you posted so stayed tuned…


Thank you Aritzia, Polo Park!

Sending a big, grateful thank you to Prescilla Batangan, Store Manager, Aritzia, Polo Park for inviting me to teach an early morning yoga class on Friday, July 27th, prior to the regular store opening. Prescilla, and Jenny, Regional Manager, participated in the 75-minute vinyasa flow class as well as several Aritzia "female empowered" staff! What a great way to start the day!!

Tues Evening Pop-up Yoga July & August!

Hello yoginis and yogis! I hope you're all enjoying a fantastic summer. I’ve had an extremely busy summer with the birth of our second grand-son at the end of May. Things have started to slow down now that the kids and grand-kids have returned to Jasper. I'm looking forward to their next visit in December!!

My fall 2018 class schedule is already posted and there are only a few spots left in some of the classes. So register asap if you're planning to join us. In the meantime, I’ve planned a few Tuesday evening “pop-up” yoga classes:

Tues July 31 @ 7-8 pm

Tues Aug 7 @ 7-8 pm

Tues Aug 28 @ 7-8 pm

Special summer pricing is $15 for each class. Let me know if you’d like to attend any or all of these!!